Naikan - Introspection
  1. What have I received from a specific person?
  2. What have I given, what have I done for this person?
  3. What troubles and difficulties have I caused this person?
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Who guides Naikan?

Naikan guides give you support with all their

What are the tasks of a Naikan guide?

First of all Naikan guides provide and maintain a quiet setting that allows Naikan participants to do their introspection without disturbance. They provide a room for Naikan, a daily structure, meals etc.

Secondly they give you support during your process of introspection. Each human being is unique, that's why every person diserves individual guidance. The Naikan guide will come to see you for a short interview about eight or ten times a day. During a retreat Naikan guides are here for you day and night.

Every 60 to 90 minutes a Naikan guide comes to see you for a 5 to 10 minute interview.
The Naikan guide asks, "What person and what period have you examined?"
The Naikan participants answers, "I examined my relationship with ..... when I was ..... years old. 1) I received ..... from her, 2) I have done ..... for her, 3) I caused her difficulties by ....."
The Naikan guide says, "Thank you very much. Next, please reflect on your relationship with ..... when your were ..... years old."
Naikan participants give a few examples of what they found asking the three questions of Naikan. If required Naikan guides give support. Of course everything will be kept confidential.

At the beginning the Naikan interview may appear unusual because Naikan guides just listen. They do neither judge nor criticise nor say bravo nor push. They just listen with all their attention, with full awareness, with heart and soul.

Whatever comes up is accepted as it is.

About Johanna Schuh

johanna_schuh Naikan guide since 2000,
foundation 2005 and since then director of Insightvoice Naikan Training Vienna

Practicing Naikan creates clearness, understanding and peace in my inner world.
Guiding Naikan makes me feel deep respect for each human being, gratitude and joy.
The Naikan method has touched me deeply when I attended my first Naikan retreat.
It meant so much more to me than a one week training of self-reflection. Since then Naikan became a solid ground to my way of life.
I'm able to guide Naikan in the following languages: German, English, French, Spanish.

Naikan background

I come to know more aspects of myself every day. Development never stops.

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