Naikan - Introspection
  1. What have I received from a specific person?
  2. What have I given, what have I done for this person?
  3. What troubles and difficulties have I caused this person?
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Naikan means looking inside

to explore one's inner self.

You go into silence to get in touch with yourself.
The three simple questions of Naikan will help you to look at yourself with new eyes.
Find new perspectives and discover your inner resources.

  • Would you like to understand yourself and others better?
  • Would you like to explore your capabilities and live your life with joy?
  • Would you like to find inner peace?

Welcome to Naikan!
It would be my pleasure to meet you and give support to your Naikan experience.

Johanna Schuh
Insightvoice Naikan Training Vienna, Austria
Due to regulations responding to Covid-19, travel restrictions are unpredictable issues. Due to this situation, I offer ONLINE Naikan Retreats. For details please contact us.

Video about Naikan click here to watch: naikan-video-english

Find more information about Naikan here:

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Naikan - a wonderful journey into your inner self!


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